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teisipäev, aprill 12, 2016

Järjekordne Greta Garbo

ja kleit, mis pole veel tellijaga kohtunud ja on seetõttu ebaleval positsioonil. Aluskleit peaks muidugi olema tume, aga hetkel see, mis käepärast oli.
Pildid tegi Merle Saulep.
Ja siis on veel päris mitu Reesi Victoriat ootel

3 kommentaari:

Moonika ütles ...

vau vau vau see valge sall on imeilus! kleit muidugi ka :)

Unknown ütles ...

I admire your works and creativity. This version of Greta Garbo's shawl is a stunning one! I am totally enchanted by Estonian lace, and knit them with my great pleasure! I am in love with this piece of yours, and I would like to knit one as well.
Unfortunately, I could not find this pattern and description, though I searched thoroughly. I'd be very grateful if you could tell or advise where can I find this pattern to create such a beautiful shawl.

Thank you!
Best regards,


truongmuunghenhan ütles ...

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